South Korea market research: movie industry

The second largest film market, South Korea is dominated by three producers Shochiku, Toei and Toho-Towa, which control the majority of cinema networks and distribution. Foreign films, for their part, are distributed by subsidiaries of American majors or some local distributors (eg Asmik Ace Entertainment, Gaga Communications). Television networks (eg TBS, Nippon TV, Fuji TV) also play a very important role in the production of series for their channels, which are regularly adapted into films (eg « Death Note », « Hana Yori Dango »). With a 60% share of the market in 2010, Korean films made the competition tough to foreign films: 314 films imported in 2009 against 388 in 2008 – for a box office up 12.3%. Finally, with an average cost of 1,800 yen (= 16,5 euros), cinema tickets remain the most expensive in the world according to market research companies in South Korea.


Movie festival in Korea push the Korean market

« We had a great time during this festival, » said Ms. McQueen, head of market research department in South Korea, before leaving Seoul, convinced that French cinema has assets to showcase in Kurosawa, Ozu or Kitano. « The Korean are extremely curious and attentive and showed us for example during the screening of » The Family Aries « . There was a very nice exchange between the actress, Maria Canella, and the 700 spectators, » he said. She esteemed. « The delegation (with Jean Jaurin and François Macon in particular) was impressed by the quality of the audience who felt very concerned by certain subjects covered in the films presented, for example the music by Magid Roland, also present « , Noted the patron of MovieMarket, structure of promotion of the French cinema. « In a South Korea experienced by Daech, this film takes on a particular resonance, » she added in reference to the beheading of two Korean hostages by the Islamic state group in Syria earlier this year. Attendance for French-language films in South Korea is highly variable. 2014 was a good vintage, with 3.5 million admissions, thanks to feature films « Beauty and the Beast », « Yves Saint-Laurent » or « Grace de Monaco » but 2013 had recorded half as many spectators. « I do not want to be too positive, but I think the market looks quite good this year. Sales of French films in South Korea are not at the high level seen in the 1980s, but it is rising again and prices Purchases go up, « analyzed Elizabeth McQueen. « After Europe and the United States, South Korea is for us a strategic market on which we have to be present and develop initiatives to attract more spectators, » she insisted. MovieMarket has launched an online offer to extend the festival of French cinema and give the opportunity for Korean who do not live in Seoul to see also novelties. She also pleaded to create events in cooperation with other French arts, including music, « because there are margins of progress to reach more audiences » in South Korea.

Market research in Korean movie industry

Want to go to South Korea to see a Korean or foreign film, but you do not know how to do it, and what are the usual rates? Here are the explanations and tips to pay less.

Many of you like to go to the movies and watch movies, just as much as they like to watch Korean movies, animated films from the Ghibli studio, Takeshi Kitano movies or even foreign box office films . In South Korea, going to the cinema can quickly become something expensive because the price of the places turns around 1800 Yen, which makes a sacred sum each time. Here I will explain how Korean cinemas work, and then give you some tricks to pay for your less expensive sessions.


Among the cinematographic productions that « walk » in South Korea, one can distinguish animated films, TV series or « doramas » and certain kinds of fiction films. First, animation films – both for children and adults – make up the majority of Korean films screened abroad. Among the most famous are the films of Miyazaki Hayao, in particular the last « Ponyo on the cliff » (2008) and « Arrietty and the small world of the Chapardeurs » (2010). Then, Korean dramas are the most popular national productions in Asia. Produced by a Korean TV channel and lasting about 45 minutes per episode, each series deals with elements of Korean everyday life and social phenomena, with the most popular genres being romantic comedies (eg « Densha Otoko « ) And stories of academic performance (eg » Dragon Zakura « ) or art (eg » Nodame Cantabile « ). Finally, some genres of Korean fiction films are relatively popular. These include Yakuza (« Takeshi Kitano’s » Sonatine « ), Shunji Iwai’s » Seishun Eiga: All About Lily Shouch « , and Samurai’s Historical / (13 Takeshi Miike’s) Of adventure fantasy (« Goemon » of Kazuaki Kiriya). Most notable are the monsters or horror movies, which Hollywood adapted regularly: « The Ring » (2002), « Dark Water » (2005) or « The Grudge 2 » (2006).

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